Monday, 20 August 2012

Profile of the week...

not to sure where to start.Been into the sub side for long time ,now stepping it up a gear.If u are serious in your life to become part and partiall of being owned by a Master,u will be required to pay tribute as an attention getter for my time.....

Ah man, I had a whole snarky post for this one, including an educational piece on the etymology of the phrase 'part and parcel' and the lack of logic involved in suggesting one steps submission up a gear by becoming a Dominant. But it's not worth it. I just come over as anal as.. well, as anal as I am about stuff like that and that's no fun, is it?
The reason that I picked this profile is more representative of a couple of profiles I have seen recently. There is a bit of financial domination that goes on in femdom/male sub BDSM  (not as much as the Dominants would hope, I suspect) but asking women to pay tributes is a bit incredibly optimistic really. The balance of men to women looking for partners is too great and besides - you don't need money in this world when you offer on-demand blow jobs, do you?
(no, you don't)


  1. Arghhhh! Please stop. Lol! I couldn't take anybody seriously that doesn't know how to SPELL, far less string a proper sentence together.
    The way I see it, if they don't care enough about how their profile looks and sounds, it has me wondering how they could possibly be capable of properly or safely 'dominating' anybody!!

    Dee x

  2. It's always spelling and grammar isn't it? People who say the stupidest things always get it really wrong. There must be a correlation.
    I can't decide whether I think them even serious about dominating someone or not. Probably not.

  3. Lets go back to my room, snort some crushed peppermints and worship the pubic hairs you missed shaving....

    I dunno, maybe that made more sense then his post.

  4. Oh he meant money!? That is hilarious. I didn't know he meant money, I was thinking "pay tribute" meant something else.

  5. I do so enjoy your profile listings..and i sure hope you don;t find mine one day..;)