Monday, 13 August 2012

Profile of the week...

Do not contact me. Do you hear me? In fact, don't even read any further. This is not for you. This is just for friends, that I already have. I don't want any more friends, in fact, I'm just blogging here to make a dramatic statement about how I don't want anyone else to read my blog. And do not comment. Ever.
What? You don't think that makes any sense?! Oh well, I'm just following the example of this guy who has a live profile on the kinky dating site apparently actively seeking submissive females. Sorry girls, looks like he's off kink for good. But on the upside he does wish you a good day.

I am now down with the lifestyle for good I remain on <kinky dating site> only to speak with those friends I have made do not contact me as I am NOT interested any more.

Thank you and have a good day everyone.

 No, no. You have a good day.You know, you could just hide your profile?

As an aside by the way, check out my updated blogroll!


  1. Yes... I recognise the syndrome - Drama Dom. alice x

  2. Drama Dom. hahah.
    Doesn't bode well, does it?

  3. Haha Drama Dom - hilarious. I'm not familiar with the lifestyle, but that seems a little counter productive.

  4. "Down with the lifestyle." Is that like being down with the sickness? Or being down with O.P.P. (Yeah you know me!) Down for coffee? Down for tea? Going down down in an earlier round? Get down, get down, jungle boogie?

    Screw it. I'll just turn up the radio and dance around a bit.

    Stat SINful
    Mr. AP

  5. Do people really write things like that?? The mind just boggles. But hey, politeness goes a long way...... or not lol! I'm actually tempted to 'contact' him just to annoy him.

    Dee x