Monday, 3 September 2012

Profile of the week..

Well this is a new one on me. Seriously now, can you imagine choosing a Dominant in this manner?  I've cut some of the profile out of this because its long and a bit repetitive but you get the picture.. Anyway, because he didn't specify (of course) I did message him and ask him how much for the charity if I won. He hasn't got back to me yet. Would anyone like to bet on how much? I promise I won't demand sexual services if you lose :)

This profile is to offer a simple proposition. A bet on a dice roll. I'll put up a monetary stake, you put up you. You pick a number, I pick a different number, you roll the dice until one of those numbers comes up. If it's your number you win the money for a charity of your choice, if it's my number i win you as a slave. Minimum 4 games played, if for some reason you want more risk or reward, more games can be played. Games stop at pre-determined limit and all agreed games must be played.

Here's your oppertunity to play a game, to win and make a real difference to peoples lives, whether that's children in africa, or cancer research.

Reasons don't matter so much, what matters is you simply turn up and roll. Limits for slavery, if any, should be discussed beforehand. You may wish to tell friends/relatives that you're thinking of giving up work and going travelling for a few months before you come. I'm sure you'll win every game and it won't matter...but you never know.

I've always felt that slavery by consent is just a choice unless there's something traded in return. Once something is traded then it's yours regardless, there is no choice it's been bought and paid for.   I'm open to simply buying you, but this is more fun for everyone.

Please understand that although i treat this casually (and casually is also how i'll treat your slavery) the consequences for you will be real and serious.  Sadistic, cruel, bad, nasty things may happen if you lose.  Of course, you'd never lose, would you ?


  1. I'm not surprised he didn't answer. But don't worry you'd never lose, would you?

  2. Ugh, I had tried to comment on this a while back but my phone sucks!! My internet is crap these days too, is that is what is up with you also? I noticed we had been off the same amount of time! Waiting for some more stories and hoping you will start a new blog with everything ;)